6 comments on “Animal Welfare Groups Benefit from Marley Movie

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  2. What this article doesn’t mention is that the recent takeover by Foo pets has distressed and even angered most of the existing users of the Pokey application. For whatever reason, the Foopets group developed an alternate web application with very “realistic” looking pets but then instead of launching their own design on it’s own merits, they bought up the rights to and changed all the existing not-very realistic pets from the web app Pokey. This has caused an uproar in the community of formerly happy virtual pet owners. Surprisingly, FooPets has discovered, virtual pet owners are as shocked and offended about the sudden redesign of their pets as if someone had stolen and replaced an actual pet! The web forums are ablaze with criticism of the Foopets designers and condemnation for the sudden and drastic unannounced and unexplained change.

  3. So when will you restore Pokey and put an end to this sorry FooPets nightmare episode? I tried the “New Coke” that you came out with, and then removed this dreadful app from Facebook as it has now become a CHORE, rather than the simple, sweet fun that Pokey used to be. Also, the Shepherd dog I used to have is gone, replaced with a dog that doesn’t even look like the dog I worked and paid so many “bones” to acquire.

    Look, I don’t need your GRIM PET KILLING in what used to be such a sweet, simple, innocent game. Nor do I need what is essentially now a bunch of veiled ARROGANT LESSONS about how we are supposed to behave as virtual pet owners. Take your high-handed treatment of all your many, many Pokey users and *shove it*. There’s enough anguish and anxiety taking care of real-life pets without you having to inject yet more misery into the world with your NO-FUN, TEDIOUS, KILLJOY, MORBID new application.

  4. I have had a Pokey puppy since July when on of my friends on Facebook sent me an invite. I loved the app and had fun with it…but the new stuff is even better. A lot of users seem to be complaining but in my opinion, they are awesome – the new FooPets do more stuff. Everyone should just actually play with them and get familiar with the new app before they start over-reacting to changes. Just my opinion of course but I did see that the company allowed anyone who wanted to old pets to have them back. I can’t wait to see what else comes out from these guys – I also love the iPhone app with a Marley puppy. Also very cool.

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